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Accurate and easy simulation with SSF ESBO.

Now you have the opportunity to start using SSF ESBO – the solar shading simulation software which is linked to IDA Indoor Climate and Energy (IDA ICE). SSF ESBO allows you to compute the critical energy and power saving benefits of solar shading. An invaluable tool for everyone who creates energy-smart buildings.

IDA ICE is the market leading tool for simulation of energy and indoor climate in northern Europe. With SSF ESBO the solar shade can also be simulated according to the established ISO 15099 standard and its energy-saving functionality be calculated.

SSF ESBO is designed to aid you during the whole process – from prospect to the finished building. All imaginable important parameters can be input – glazing data, solar shade, room data, climate and environmental conditions and of course customer requests. Results are both energy and temperatures as well as details about the window's heat balance.

You may choose between two versions – a light version which is free or the full paid version. The paid version has more functionality and gives you the possibility to do comparative calculations. Both version are very user friendly.

SSF ESBO Light (free version):

SSF ESBO (paid version):


On the ESBO user forum you can see questions and answers and ask your own questions about SSF ESBO.